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Retail theft ishurting communities

Re: “Target: Organized thefts spurred closures” (Page B1, Sept. 28).

Another outlet (Target) making goods accessible to the Oakland and Pittsburg communities closes. More people lose their jobs.

The pandemic created widespread need and has eroded a sense of personal responsibility. Some people feel they have the right to steal. Groups of youth fill their backpacks with items they did not purchase. The damage hurts not just the stores but affects whole communities.

James EricksonBrentwood

New gun laws arenot the solution

Re: “Newsom’s tougher gun laws include a new tax” (Page A1, Sept. 27).

While your front-page article seemingly applauds Gov. Newsom’s new law, most of us realize new gun laws are not the solution to rampant, out-of-control crime that continues to remain above pre-pandemic levels. It’s simple: the bad guys could care less about laws. They don’t follow the laws anyway.

More gun laws exacerbate the problem for the honest person concerned about their personal and their family’s self-defense. Newsom and his followers already know that. Disarming the people, so they must comply, is the real agenda.

Chris KnielOrinda

Newsom’s vetobetrays immigrants

In vetoing the Home Act, Gov. Newsom has once again shown how narrow-minded and self-serving his actions are. He has yet again shown how his entirely selfish interests outweigh any understanding of the human condition.

He has very publicly castigated Republican governors who treat immigrants as pawns and now he has the gall to veto the Home Act, AB 1306. This act ensures that immigrant Californians earning release from state prison under the rigorous criteria of existing criminal justice laws go home instead of being cruelly transferred to ICE. He continues to support those who see prisons and detention centers as a solution for society rather than investing in education to the detriment of our children and the real safety of all Californians.

Hopefully, our state legislators can override Gov. Newsom’s two-faced nonsupport for immigrants.

Caroline LehmanAlbany

Term limits wouldbe costly solution

Re: “Government problems demand term limits” (Page A6, Sept. 29).

Term limits won’t fix our broken government.

Marjorie Taylor Greene took office in 2019. Almost all the other Republicans blocking the budget were first elected to the House in 2022. On the left, AOC and The Squad held Biden’s infrastructure bill hostage for weeks. They’re all new since 2019, too.

They know how to fight, but not how to govern. That comes with experience — which no one in Congress will have after term limits.

Randall SpanglerSan Jose

Trump, Fox keep beatingthe ‘fake news’ drum

In keeping with his “fake news” ploy during the 2016 election, Mr. Trump is accusing the “Lamestream Media,” specifically NBC, of being dishonest and corrupt. He goes on to say, “The fake news media should pay a big price for what they have done to our once great country.”

It’s a very effective ploy used throughout history; “Hey, don’t listen to them, only listen to me.” Controlling the narrative has always been the number one priority for any politician, but especially those with authoritarian instincts. It’s no coincidence that Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda, was Hitler’s right-hand man during his rise to power and beyond.

I do agree with his last sentence. Fox has already paid $787 million, basically admitting that they knowingly aired “crazy” people falsely accusing a voting machine company of rigging the election. In other words, “fake news” that’s caused damage to our country. Fox should apologize.

Bob WheelerWalnut Creek

Businesses, consumersneed ‘swipe fee’ relief

Excessive credit card “swipe fees” are plaguing businesses like mine throughout the Golden State. Many Californians are unaware that businesses are charged every time a customer makes a purchase with their credit card.

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