While US Navy Fights Houthi Jihadists on the Sea, Pro-Hamas Commies Rally in NYC for Them

Daniel Greenfield


(The actual Houthis. Pictured above.)

The Houthi Jihadists, backed by Iran, whose motto includes, “Death to America”, are attacking ships on the sea.

U.S. Navy helicopters returned fire and sank three small boats carrying Houthi militants in the Red Sea on Sunday, after U.S. warships responded to a distress call from a merchant vessel, military officials said.

A Maersk container ship, the Singapore-flagged Hangzhou, issued a distress call at about 6:30 a.m. local time, U.S. Central Command said in a statement on Sunday. The merchant vessel said four small boats were attacking it.

“The small boats, originating from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen, fired crew-served and small-arms weapons at the Maersk Hangzhou, getting to within 20 meters of the vessel, and attempted to board the vessel,” Central Command said.

Helicopters from two U.S. ships — the USS Eisenhower and the USS Gravely — responded and issued verbal calls to the small boats, U.S. officials said.

While the helicopters were “in the process of issuing verbal calls to the small boats, the small boats fired upon the U.S. helicopters with crew served weapons and small arms,” Central Command said.

Service members aboard the Navy helicopters returned fire and sank three of the four small boats, killing the crews, U.S. officials said. The fourth boat fled the area.

In a statement Sunday, the Houthis said they lost 10 group members after U.S. forces fired on their vessels, referring to the engagement as “dangerous behavior” that will have “negative repercussions.”

The group also said it will continue operating in the Red Sea. “The American enemy bears the consequences of this crime and its repercussions,” the group said, in part.

Maersk is a Danish company and the Hangzhou is flagged in Singapore. This has nothing to do with America or Israel. It’s just Jihadist piracy.

But in the streets of New York City, pro-Hamas commies rallied for the Houthi attacks on civilian shipping.

In case you’re wondering who put this up, the Party for Socialism and Liberation did.

They want everyone to hear them chanting, “YEMEN, YEMEN MAKE US PROUD! TURN ANOTHER SHIP AROUND!”

So we’re past pretending that this is about the “open-air prison” or ceasefire nonsense. The Left is simply all in on Iran and will cheer any of its Jhadists.

The goal isn’t a ceasefire, it’s war.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is a Leninist Communist party that is “building the fight for a socialist future in the United States”. Like much of the anti-war movement, including Code Pink, these boys and girls are tied up with Neville Roy Singham, a tycoon operating out of Communist China.

Neville Roy Singham, born to a Sri-Lankan radical professor father affiliated with The Nation magazine who had palled around with Castro and to a Chinese academic mother, and raised in Chicago, Singham’s story had echoes of Obama. Unlike Obama, Singham made a fortune in business before selling it all and moving to China

He operates from a Shanghai office that he shares with the Maku Group whose red and yellow offices commemorate the “centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China” based on the “little red light of stars” and now sets out as a “revolutionary force” that “sets out from the East, to connect the world”.

The walls are decorated with Maoist slogans such as “criticism and self-criticism” and “collectivism” as part of its mission of creating content for “progressive think tanks.”

The New York Times describes how “Maku’s website shows young people gathering in Singham’s office, facing a red banner that reads, in Chinese, ‘Always Follow the Party.’ Resting on a shelf is a plate depicting Xi.” Maku has received millions from a Singham nonprofit.

Indicating the scale of the problem, allegedly, “hundreds of millions of dollars” flowed around groups that “mix progressive advocacy with Chinese government talking points.”

A complicated pathway leads through nonprofits such as the People’s Support Foundation, and the People’s Forum, a Manhattan Garment District storefront decorated with Cuban, PLO and Venezuelan flags where copies of Castro’s speeches and ‘China’s Great Road’ are sold, as strands in a web linking American and Indian leftists to a Chinese propaganda network.

That trail also connects to the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Sitting on the People’s Forum’s board is Claudia De La Cruz, who pulls triple duty as BreakThrough’s secretary and as a “co-coordinator/educator” for the Justice and Education Fund. An auditor’s report filed in New York shows that more of Singham’s money trickled down to BreakThrough from the Forum in the form of $80,575 in donated rent in 2021, the most recent year for which filings are available.

But when The Daily Beast visited the People’s Forum address, it found a bookstore hawking tomes by Prashad and titles from his Leftword imprint, as well as a coffee shop and an event space—but no evidence of a studio. What’s more, none of BreakThrough’s hosts appear among the staff listed in the outlet’s filings. Rather, the underlying nonprofit’s leadership consists of figures like De La Cruz who donate an hour a week to the organization, and who like De La Cruz are affiliated with the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a small far-left sect that does not appear to receive substantial donations from Singham or from anybody else. The PSL does, however, appear as an allied group to the International People’s Media Network on its webpage. Puryear and Becker, two of the BreakThrough anchors, are co-founders of the party.

All of this is familiar stuff from the Cold War.

Communist China is funding our enemies, recruiting and calling for our destruction in our own cities. And it’s doing it using nonprofits and activists operating through the tax code.

This is the real face of much of the leftist wing of the pro-Hamas movement.

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