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Morrison deserves
tribute for service

Re: “5-time Mayor Gus Morrison dies at age 88” (Page B1, Dec. 23).

I was very sorry to hear about the passing of Gus Morrison on Dec. 14.

Having lived in Fremont over 30 years, I voted for Gus Morrison every time he ran for mayor or City Council. He had a wonderful vision of preserving the environment for the citizens vs. unconstrained industrial development. For me, one of the most memorable things he did was preserving the sanctity and beauty of Lake Elizabeth, the crown jewel of Fremont, by championing the subterranean channel for BART against letting the train run right over Lake Elizabeth which BART wanted to do to save money. This of course would have ruined the park.

Every time we go to Lake Elizabeth and walk around that peaceful water, we should thank Gus Morrison. I suggest a plaque or statue be erected in thanks to the memory of this unique selfless local politician.

Jack Knutson
Pebble Beach

Defeat Measure E
for economic justice

The Alameda School Board put Measure E on the March ballot taxing residential property and small businesses at significantly higher rates than large corporate properties.

Measure E would tax our Target store 11½¢ per square foot, an 80% reduction from the 58½¢ small businesses and residential property would pay. Over 100 corporate properties get similar reductions because Measure E has a maximum cap for large corporate properties.

Before Proposition 13 two-thirds of California property taxes were paid by commercial property. Today, residential property pays over 70%. Measure E makes that imbalance worse.

Defeating Measure E means an equitable measure could be on the November ballot where everyone pays the same rate raising an additional $4 million per year for schools, $28 million instead of $24 million.

Donald Trump gave large corporations tax breaks; Alameda schools should not. Tax corporations equally. No on E for economic justice.

Leland Traiman

Human shields
are still humans

Many apologists for the slaughter in Gaza cite the fact that Hamas terrorists hide behind or among innocent civilians.

A simple question — if a murderer is hiding behind a mother holding her infant, is it morally permissible to kill the mother and child in order to capture or kill the murderer? Just asking.

Jim Hogan
El Sobrante

Fleece blankets are
a gesture of love

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