Plane catches on fire on runway at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in Japan


Local TV video showed a large burst of fire erupt from the side of a Japan Airlines plane as it taxied on a runway Tuesday at Haneda Airport near Japan’s capital. The area around on the wing of the passenger plane, and later the entire plane appeared to be engulfed in flames.

Video showed fire crews working to put out the fire. It wasn’t immediately clear what had happened or if there were injuries, but Japan’s state broadcaster NHK TV said all passengers had been evacuated. The network said the plane was JAL flight 516, which had flown out of Shin Chitose airport in Japan to Haneda, a major international air hub outside Tokyo.

The Japan Coast Guard said it was looking into unconfirmed reports that one of its planes had crashed into a JAL flight at Haneda.

Haneda is one of the busiest airports in Japan, and many people travel over the New Year holidays.

The incident came just a day after a series of earthquakes rocked western Japan, killing almost 50 people in the Ishikawa prefecture.

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