Resident of Pleasant Hill Faces Charges for Officer-Targeted Attempted Murder and Domestic Violence

Andrea Bernal

In Martinez, California, the local District Attorney’s Office has formally charged a man from Pleasant Hill with a series of felonies, including the attempted murder of law enforcement officers, firearm assault, and domestic abuse.

The accused, Chunliam Nai Saechao, 40, a former police officer from Pittsburg, is currently detained without the possibility of bail at the Martinez Detention Facility. His arraignment is pending for his involvement in a December 8th confrontation, during which it is alleged that Saechao, possibly experiencing a mental health crisis, fired at his wife as she attempted to enter their home and subsequently barricaded himself inside for nearly three days.

While engaged in a lengthy standoff, Saechao reportedly fired on police officers who were evacuating nearby residents, hitting a police vehicle with officers inside; fortunately, no officers were harmed.
The legal filing includes two counts of attempted murder targeting a peace officer, one count of spousal injury, and six counts of assault with a firearm on a peace officer or firefighter, along with additional penalties for the use or discharge of a firearm during the commission of these crimes.

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2024-01-03 23:17:26 , The San Francisco Times

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