A $747,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health will go a long way in the research being conducted by The Center on Aging at Cal State San Bernardino.

The center is examining how social activities may reduce cognitive decline and dementia among the elderly.

“It’s crucial that we keep prioritizing innovations to improve seniors’ quality of life. I’m continuously in awe of the discoveries that the researchers at the CSUSB Center on Aging are making,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar in a statement announcing the grant award.

The grant will contribute to important gerontology research by studying how social activities may reduce cognitive decline and dementia in older age. Having such data about the cognitive health of seniors can assist in improving the overall health of seniors in the Inland Empire and help families preserve precious time with loved ones.

“I hope that this project will encourage social participation among older adults and change the way that social activities are measured in surveys,” said Dr. Eric Vogelsang, Director of the CSUSB Center on Aging. “This grant will be used to hire undergraduate and graduate students as assistants on this major project and give significant research experience to individuals who are, traditionally, not offered such opportunities.”