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Patrol Officer and Co-Response Team Prevent Tragedy on Train Tracks

On January 2, 2024, around 4:30 p.m., a Santa Barbara Police Officer was conducting an area check at the Amtrak Train Station, in the 200 block of State Street, when they noticed an adult female acting erratically.

The woman was reportedly jumping on and off the train tracks, states Sergeant Ethan Ragsdale.

The officer tried talking with the female to get her off the tracks due to an approaching a train when the female laid down on the tracks and refused to move.

The officer then jumped onto the platform near the tracks, grabbed the female with the assistance of an Amtrak employee, and pulled her to safety just before the train approached, said Ragsdale.

The officer, concerned for the mental well-being of the female, contacted the Santa Barbara Police Department’s Co-Response Team, which is made up of an officer and a licensed clinician who specialize in responding to individuals needing immediate mental health resources and evaluations.

The Co-Response Team determined the female needed immediate mental health treatment, and a mental health hold (5150 Welfare & Institutions Hold) was authored, according to Ragsdale.

The female was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for further treatment and evaluation.

“Thankfully, there were no reported injuries because of the quick actions taken by the patrol officer, the Amtrak employee, and the swift arrival of the Co-Response Team,” said Ragsdale.

Edhat Staff

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