Starbucks Stanley cup collab sells out in minutes

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Videos showed fans lining up before stores opened for a shot at one of the limited-edition pink cups.

WASHINGTON — Stanley’s third collaboration with Starbucks and Target is another smash hit, drawing long lines for the latest special edition tumbler release and selling out minutes after some stores opened. 

The shimmery “winter pink” 40 oz. Stanley Quencher tumbler, which sells for $49.95, was sold exclusively at Starbucks locations inside Target stores. The launch has seen “an enthusiastic response,” a Starbucks rep said Thursday, and there are no plans to restock the limited edition item. 

Videos on social media showed customers lining up before stores opened to get their hands on the bright pink cup. 

The cups launched Jan. 3 and have already sold out in many locations. Some are already listed on resale sites like eBay for $200 or more.

TikTok user @peachiemariam shared that demand was expected to be so high that her store was keeping the cups behind the counter, and that customers would be restricted to only one per person. 

Stanley’s vacuum-sealed “Quencher” tumblers have become immensely popular, gaining a cult following over the past few years. Another recent “Galentine’s Day” collaboration with Target, offering pink and red versions of the popular cup, has also already sold out. 

With such high demand, resellers often buy out limited-edition colorways and brand collaborations to sell at inflated prices online.

This is the company’s third collaboration with Starbucks and Target, after offering a limited-edition peachy pink matte colorway in the spring and a red cup in the fall, which received similarly enthusiastic responses from fans. 

Will Starbucks be restocking the Winter Pink Stanley Cup? 

A representative confirmed on Thursday that there are no plans to restock the Starbucks x Stanley Quencher, which was a limited edition item sold “while supplies last” inside Starbucks stores at Target locations. 

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