Biden is Running on Democracy Because He Can’t Run On Anything Else

Daniel Greenfield

If it’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, it must be time for another Biden speech about democracy, January 6 or authoritarianism. (Preferably while surrounded by armed men and threatening to outlaw the opposition.)

Beyond the obvious totalitarian threat that all of this poses, the root cause here is that Biden can’t run on anything else.

The fitful attempts to run on Bidenomics cratered very quickly. Biden hasn’t accomplished anything except in the minds of New York Times columnists and Ms. Rubin of the Washington Post. Unpopular with the country at large and even within much of his party, Biden can only run on Trump by giving speeches about the threat to democracy and J6 until everyone, even people who own Mueller votive candles, are sick and tired of it all.

Even though he’s been in office for four years, Biden is hardly bothering to run on his record, but instead frames his incumbent candidacy as some sort of defense of “democracy”.

The more people hate the economy, the more he talks about democracy.

People can’t afford to buy food or a house? Time for a talk about J6.

Most Americans polled say that they expect the future to be worse? Give a prime time democracy speech.

The country would prefer a presidential candidate who wasn’t alive during WW2? You know the drill.

Democracy has become a distraction. And apart from a narrow slice of his party, it isn’t working. Democrats already hate and fear Trump, and that may be enough to goose turnout (it’s not like anyone turned out to vote for Biden in 2020 based on enthusiasm for a candidate whose biggest accomplishment was spending his entire life in D.C.) but the enthusiasm has long since turned negative. Biden hopes to ride his democracy speeches through perfunctory rigged primaries so that Democrats will have no choice. Democracy is really about ending democracy beginning with the democracy within the Democrat Party.

Daniel Greenfield The Point

2024-01-05 22:58:06 , Frontpage Mag

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