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Less than two years after opening, Bristol Farms Newfound Market at the Irvine Spectrum, which the company had hoped to become a grocery store, food hall and dining destination popular with foodies, will permanently close its doors. The supermarket’s last day of operation will be Wednesday Jan. 31

“Irvine Spectrum Center is a beautiful destination but the visitors to the center, for the most part, were not shopping for groceries,” said Joyce de Brevannes, vice president of marketing at Bristol Farms, in a written statement.

In addition to acting as a gourmet grocery store, the approximately 24,000-square foot complex had a handful of fast-casual eateries, like Swell Seafood and Horton’s, as well as Viaggio Pizzeria, a full-service dining venue.

Bristol Farms Newfound Market also acted as a food incubator for its other locations wherein the company would bring in food concepts and, if successful, would move them to other Bristol Farms stores. “For the last two years, our culinary team has created innovative dishes within the food service areas of Newfound Market. Many are now carried in Bristol Farms locations,” wrote Dan Evon, vice president of culinary at Bristol Farms

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2024-01-09 20:02:50 , Irvine News: The Orange County Register

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