Dodgers Insider Reveals Shocking Dollar Amount For The Franchise

Jarrett Prendergast


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The Los Angeles Dodgers are doing something we have never seen before this offseason.

Not only are they spending billions of dollars on free agents, but a lot of the money is being deferred.

That means they will be paying some of their players after their time as a Dodger is complete.

While it helps the Dodgers in the short term, it could cause financial restrictions in the long run.

According to Fabian Ardaya, the Dodgers’ total deferred money from 2028 to 2040 is $865.5 million.

The Dodgers are doing whatever it takes to win now.

Taking away the 2020 COVID-shortened season, the Dodgers have not won a World Series since 1988.

Looking at their roster, there is no doubt they have the most talent in the league.

But, that does not mean they will win it all.

It seems like the Dodgers are content with “kicking the can” when it comes to player salaries.

In ten years, the Dodgers will be playing players who will no longer be on their team or even playing baseball.

But, if they win a World Series or two over the next five seasons they will be happy.

LA still has money to spend this offseason thanks to their deferred salaries.

Other teams around the league should be aggressive in signing the free agents that are still available.

These teams need to make moves to compete with the Dodgers.

If not, the Dodgers just may continue to sign star players and defer their money a decade into the future.

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