Flyers Were the Perfect Destination for Jamie Drysdale

Justin Giampietro, The Hockey Writers


Right-handed defenseman Jamie Drysdale is a member of the Philadelphia Flyers, and better yet, he is just 21 with loads of upside. His last two seasons in the NHL have been plagued by injury, but general manager (GM) Danny Briere’s acquisition inspired confidence that he’s up to full strength and ready for action whenever.

With that being said, there are still some areas where Drysdale needs to improve as a player. Thankfully, there might not be a better place for that than in Philadelphia. He has the tools and the Flyers have the system in place for them to be utilized, it’s just all about executing at this time. Time and patience will be needed, but Philadelphia is a place for him to flourish, not fail.

Flyers’ System Can Make the Most of Drysdale

When he’s been on the ice so far in his young career, Drysdale has shown flashes of the brilliant offense that got him taken with the sixth-overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. Still, he hasn’t graded out particularly well to this point. His career expected goals above replacement (xGAR) is rather poor, but that can be attributed to many things. Consistent basement finishes in the standings for the Anaheim Ducks, a below-average power play in that span, a not-so-great offense in his four seasons there, the injuries he suffered, and being relied upon a bit too much as a youngster definitely didn’t help his case.

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