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Take time to learn about
Assembly candidates

Re: “Political hopefuls line up to replace Assemblymember Evan Low” (Jan. 3).

With the primary just two months away, the race to replace Assemblyman Evan Low is not just heating up but it’s going to turn into a candidate cram session. Most voters know little to nothing about the people who’ve made the ballot.  With several of them having no or only partially made campaign webpages, learning about them is currently difficult. This won’t do ahead of selecting who should to go to Sacramento during tumultuous times in the Legislature.

California’s housing woes have been worsening. Prices and crime weigh heavily on people’s minds. The climate is becoming more unpredictable and needs immediate attention. Combine this with low trust in government and a gargantuan state deficit, and we need to ask what direct actions each will take to solve these problems while improving efficiency and reducing corruption. I definitely plan to; hopefully they’ll share the answers with all of us.

Christopher Dooner

Christians for Trump
made deal with devil

On Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day, Donald Trump sent deranged social media messages where he inveighed against all his perceived political enemies. In his mentally unstable judgment, all who oppose him should “ROT IN HELL.” He ended both messages with “MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

Trump has given some Christians his political assistance and appointments, and they give him their votes.

In view of his Christmas messages of fear and hate, have these same Christians made a Faustian bargain, a deal with the devil? Have they sold their souls for a mess of pottage?

John Cormode
Mountain View

Aversion to truth
key for Republicans

Re: “Biden’s administration is worse than Trump’s” (Page A6, Jan. 4).

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