Man witnessed cigar-shaped U.F.O. in Livingston 62 years ago.


A man claims he saw a large cigar-shaped unidentified flying object (U.F.O.) when he was a child in Livingston 62 years ago.

Joe Cervantes, now 71, says he was nine when he witnessed a cigar-shaped craft while looking outside his bedroom window at night on First Street near Peach Avenue in Livingston.

Cervantes recalls he was on his bed looking out his bedroom window, glancing at the neighborhood because he couldn’t sleep.

While Looking out towards the top of the window, he saw a huge cigar-shaped illuminated craft above some clouds, slightly over his house.

Cervantes says he saw the craft, which then moved at a quick rate of speed towards Peach Avenue over an orchard field.

When the craft took off, he recalled that as big as the craft was, he heard no sound.

He recalls the sighting only lasted about three seconds.

The craft did not appear to have any wings, propellers, or other visible means of propulsion.

To this day, Cervantes says he hasn’t seen anything like it since.

Cervantes is now retired and lives in the City of Merced.

If you have witnessed or know anyone who has seen anything similar, please email [email protected].

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2024-01-08 00:58:57 , Merced Daily

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