California Loves Illegal Aliens, Hates Guns. What Happens When Illegals Want Guns?

Daniel Greenfield


The LAPD wants its illegal alien officers to carry guns. That’s going to split the Left.

Obama illegally carried out a unilateral amnesty for some illegal aliens. That amnesty was bizarrely kept in place by courts even though it had no legislative basis and was a purely ‘pen and phone’ move. The LAPD, which operates at the heart of California’s illegal alien ground zero, has a bunch of illegal aliens on the force, and it wants them to be able to carry guns.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said his department is working to allow non-citizen DACA recipients who are officers the ability to carry a firearm, full-time.

California passed a law that allows non-U.S. citizens to serve as police officers.

DACA recipients are not non-citizens, those are known as ‘resident aliens’ and are legally residing in America, they’re illegal aliens.

(The media long ago banned the use of the term “illegal alien” even though that is the accurate legal description.)

Illegal aliens are not allowed to own guns. “Non-citizens” can buy guns, people illegally in this country cannot, and despite court intervention and Obama’s unilateral amnesty, DACAs are illegal aliens.

However, there are federal restrictions regarding DACA recipients having guns. They could have police-issued weapons on duty, but wouldn’t be allowed to take them home like other officers.

Why do they need to take them home? And they’re not like other officers. They’re foreigners illegally living in LA.

The LAPD chooses to employ them, but that doesn’t exempt them from the law.

The are also questions about non-citizens arresting citizens, and what would happen if a DACA recipient loses their legal status.

Non-citizens manhandling citizens just seems like the perfect embodiment of Democrat rule in California.

“What’s unique here is that the state is attempting, its agencies, are attempting to identify clear policy that’s defendable, and articulates the basis for this allowance, and we believe we’re the first agency that has done that in the state of California,” said Moore during Tuesday’s police commissioners meeting.

The funny thing is that the LAPD does have a straightforward legal argument to make in that regard. It’s just an argument that would be completely unacceptable to a gun control state which would keel over rather than argue that the Second Amendment is binding. Of course that takes us into the weeds of how the First Amendment applies to non-citizens and even illegal foreigners, and what the potential precedents for such an application of the Second Amendment are.

This previously came up with United States v. Meza-Rodriguez: an illegal alien caught carrying a gun. That case is arguably still in the wind. The Perez case could potentially end up at the Supreme Court.

The outcome is headache-inducing for everyone. Few conservatives would be thrilled about the idea of illegal aliens gaining a legal right to carry guns. But it’s a debate that really splits the Left between the illegal alien lobby and the guns are evil lobby.

The only way to defend the right of illegal aliens to carry guns is to admit that gun ownership is a fundamental constitutional right.

The LAPD’s chief is gingerly tiptoeing around the obvious problem. California’s one-party leftist regime loves illegal aliens, but hate guns.

What happens when the illegal aliens want the same right to carry guns as everyone else?

Daniel Greenfield The Point

2024-01-10 18:14:07 , Frontpage Mag

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