Suspect in Carmichael standoff shot by deputies

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The suspect in a standoff with Sacramento County deputies was wounded after being shot by deputies in Carmichael. 

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, a man was firing rounds from their apartment around 5:30 p.m. However, Sgt. Amar Gandhi, spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, said the shots didn’t appear to be targeted toward anybody. It’s not clear how many shots were fired.

Gandhi said the standoff was taking place along the 4700 block of Marconi Road and negotiators were speaking with the suspect to get him to come out.

However eventually, deputies shot and wounded the suspect. Officials said they are still trying to get the man to comply. No deputies were hurt during the incident. Officials said the man was down but still alive. He was taken to a hospital, but his condition isn’t clear.

The apartments in the area, about 25 to 30, were evacuated for the incident.

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2024-01-11 06:04:59 , ABC10 – Local

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