News Flash • City of Menifee Required to Amend Municipal Cod



Due to new state housing laws taking effect, the Menifee City Council will be reviewing an amendment to update the City’s Municipal Code at its upcoming meeting on Wednesday, January 17. These provisions will ensure that the City of Menifee comes into compliance with the new state housing regulations, maintains a degree of oversight on local land use decisions, and avoids any costly penalties for non-compliance. 

During the last legislative session, several new housing laws were enacted by the California State Legislature in response to the statewide housing crisis and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom. A common approach among many of the new laws is to limit the decision-making authority of local jurisdictions and allow projects to be approved by meeting specific criteria set by the state. 

“It is disappointing that the State has continued to take away cities’ authority over local land use decisions, especially since cities spend considerable time developing a General Plan to balance different types of land uses throughout their communities,” said Mayor Bill Zimmerman. “While we are required to follow these new regulations, the City of Menifee will continue to take the steps necessary to balance the impacts of new developments on our growing city.” 

Several amendments to the existing municipal code are being proposed that will address new state regulations related to affordable housing, density bonus provisions, accessory dwelling units, supportive and transitional housing, emergency shelters, low barrier navigation centers, housing in commercial zones, and streamlining approvals for such uses as necessary to comply with State law. 

“As a former mayor and city councilmember, I am a strong advocate for local control over land use decisions,” said Senator Kelly Seyarto, who serves on the California State Senate Housing Committee. “Unfortunately, my colleagues in Sacramento have continually approved new regulations that force projects on communities like Menifee, often with minimal local oversight or public input.” 

The Menifee City Council meeting on Wednesday, January 17 will begin at 6 p.m. and will be held in the City Council Chambers located at City Hall (29844 Haun Rd.). 


2024-01-11 19:31:28 , Menifee, CA – News Flash

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