Steph Curry, Warriors have 2 weeks to save dynasty before trade time

Dieter Kurtenbach


You can see it in the Warriors’ faces on the bench.

They know.

They know that this team’s run of greatness is over.

They know that the question in front of the team is now whether it can return to respectability.

They know the benefit of the doubt — the earned deference to this core’s championship pedigree — has been erased.

And while they might not be able to put a date on it, I can:

They know that this team has two weeks to find that respectability, save the season, and prolong this dynastic core’s time together.

If this team’s vitals haven’t returned to normal levels by the end of its Jan. 27 game, at home, against the Lakers, the front office needs to blow it all up.

And make no mistake about it: This is being respectful to the greats.

Lesser teams and weaker organizations would have already crumbled amid the kind of run the Warriors have been on the last few weeks.

With other teams, it’d be straightforward and fair to point out that the team’s superstar player appears to have lost a step.

It’d be stating the obvious to note that the team’s two top veteran wings — in this case Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins — are disappointing, with Wiggins performing at a downright (emphasis on down) bizarre level.

There certainly wouldn’t be flowery prose written about the team’s enforcer “learning his lesson” after he rambled for 45 minutes in a press conference amid a massive, critical suspension.

The booing would have started well before the last two games.

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2024-01-11 19:27:33 , Golden State Warriors – The Vacaville Reporter

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