Music Tonight: Sunday, Jan. 21

Collin Yeo

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Music Tonight: Sunday, Jan. 21

By Collin Yeo
on Sun, Jan 21, 2024 at 4:00 AM

If you are a fan of the sort of music that is brewed up in jammy cauldrons for the purpose of making kombucha tonics of festival-friendly tunes whose experimentation never strays too far from note-filled dance grooves and good vibration flavors, then this is your night. Your only quarrel is figuring out how to navigate the fun between two venues within walking distance, Humbrews and the Arcata Theatre Lounge. Let’s start with the first, where at 8 p.m. you will find Brock, Lanzetti, Ogawa, a trio composed of members of the popular jazz-jam group Snarky Puppy ($25, $20 advance). An hour later, the ATL has the Canadian electro stomp dance-grass blue-florb duo Moontricks, whose sound isn’t too far off from what you’d hear on a UFO if the pilots were using their trust funds from the family asteroid mine fortune to fund a gap year exploring bluegrass music on our electric blue planet. This show doesn’t require such wealth, as the $22 tickets ($20 advance) are quite affordable.

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